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National Anthems & Patriotic Songs - النشيد الوطني لدولة الجنوب العربي (National Anthem of South Yemen (1967-1979)) dalszöveg fordítás angol nyelvre

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The National Anthem of the State of South Arabia

My land, my pride
I shall protect you with my soul and my blood
My revolution, my banner
Upwards and in glory, long live the South
God is the greatest against the enemies. An anthem resounds throughout the world
All loyalty and and allegiance to my country and to the martyrs
Its sand is kohl1 for the eyes. Our lives are expendable for its sake
By God, we never betray
We are lions in wars. We protect you, land of the South
We respect our neighbors and human life2. Our Islam is the religion of peace
My country, my land
You are in my heart like a light that can never be dimmed
Made of the suns of pride and the greatest love
Long live, my dear land
Forever free and formidable
You'll never be stolen
  • 1. eyeliner
  • 2. lit. blood

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