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National Anthems & Patriotic Songs - Die Lied Van Die Jong Suid-Afrika dalszöveg fordítás angol nyelvre


The Song of Young South Africa

Do you hear the mighty roar that comes across the field, soaring widely
It's the song of a people's awakening that makes hearts shudder and tremble
From Capeland to far in the North, the chords rise thunderously
This is the song of young South Africa
The knocking of the Voortrekker wagon disturbed the peace of the ages
The sound of the muzzle-loader's shots rang out over ravines and cliffs
The animals stood still and listened, the trees whispered, trembling
This is the arrival of young South Africa
Where sunbeams of glory caress the mountains over their frowning brows
Where rustling wind across the plains frolics and plays with grass seeds
The land our fathers have bought baptized with blood as our own
This is the land of young South Africa
The rolling field is our home and our roof is the sky of blue
Freedom alone is our king and his motto it 'maintain and build'
The battle our fathers started shall rage until we die or win
This is the oath of young South Africa

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