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National Anthems & Patriotic Songs - Kingdom of Croatia-Slavonia, Anthem of - Carevka dalszöveg fordítás angol nyelvre


Kingdom of Croatia-Slavonia, Anthem of - Carevka

God alive, God please protect
our emperor and our home
adorn them with eternal glory
strengthen them with your strength
multiply our happy days
give them to the House of Habsburg
with its strenght forever keep
the shine of our Croatian crown
Please create in our breasts
a living pride, a meek temper
that all people love us
that we are always first in honesty
strengthen us with your faith
restore the ship of our happiness
to move in the right direction
all our united dear people
But when evil threatens our home
the king's voice calls to battle
let each one of us at this holy call
become a lion
let that dies in front of our flag
every enemy, please God
and that shines again on us
a bright glow of mild peace
God alive, happily gild
our royal home
let our love follow it
to the end of the borders
each of us gladly gives
his life for the king
may the brightness of our glorious crown
be eternal in this world

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