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Free Music

In my head my thought &
my feeling, spit it out
Jo PD dedicatin' new music
Official free music don't loose it,
Duty of army's holding me down,
But I stay around
One day I will be a court judge
Why are you arresting me on the news that you are looking for me?
In the words of the days I just went out before this
I'm looking back on days when I can't do it all
say that
ZoPD and MP3 are inseparable
Can you participate in the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism debate?
No. It's not funny, it's an old debate
How many years has this been now
In a ripple rotten like a gutter
Right or wrong, the public enemy,
Oh, it was a long time ago, the rice cake in the picture
two hundred thousand and thirty thousand
Actually, it's all thanks to you so
I have something to say until the day I die
I wanna do my music
(If it is easy, it is easy, if it is difficult, it is difficult
If you've never done it, you don't have to say)
Those who don't want to hear cover their ears
I don't force you to listen
(Except for my pride, my corpse
Noise pollution is everywhere in the mass media)
sympathize with me and my music
This is always a big help to me
(You don't have to come to cheer with balloons)
I want you on my side no matter what)
Until the day you and I die
I'm talking to a friend like this
(When I speak my mind
you opened your heart
we're going like this
like this like this)
My music brother
I won't tell you my name
Music is just self-satisfaction
poor livelihood
Maintain selfish masturbation
I'm getting old
Dongho Bridge piled up in despair
just before jumping
thought of me
you called me
then the cold winter
He said he jumped into the Han River
Yes, if you are not prepared to be hungry
no music
But what's the deal with music?
Don't die
Then he's falling, devil's calling
When I go, I go all-in to the music on the monument!
You'd better live in a beggar-like world
Brother, I don't want to be a beggar, you know?
Don't worry, I lived, I swam and came out
quit the music
Now he's in business
This story is very common.
story around
Grab a demo and knock on the door
story to tell
When two thousand and one year
I know soribada well
My Soribada Investment Attempt
not known
My interests are DRM and watermarking
Every day is a meeting with an SI company
fuck it
Utopia is a vain dream
Everyone is just pursuing their own interests.
the rich poor poor
capitalism full of absurdity
I'll be the scapegoat
Everyone is a snob, more than that is unreasonable
We are money-eating animals
Cash rules everything around me
Cream get the money
Dollar dollar bills yo~!
I pretend I didn't see their thief's sign
Others say that I'm really hungry
If we judge that heart, everyone is a sinner
but who blames whom
A chaebol betting on the presidential election,
The self-employed who pays the police for rice cakes,
Food stalls that lose their seats
CP and mobile phone company by my side
I've been neglected like an incurable patient
Where did your conscience go?
The government is now concerned about school violence.
Now draw a red line in the movie too?
To say things like that
Are you afraid
Are you a board leader?
It doesn't interfere with the trend
I don't believe any political comments.
This includes this,
An eye for an eye, more and more like this
poisonous people
This includes this,
An eye for an eye, more and more like this
I have become poisoned
This is the self-portrait of Koreans for two thousand five years
But now it's definitely the rise of Asia
Together with the leaders of each country gathered in Busan
Our stock price soars day by day is booming
Free music is killing musician ship
Let me tell you this
We free falling darling
We eat by selling,
make livin' by selling

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