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UtsuP - 骸Attack!! (Mukuro Attack!!) dalszöveg fordítás angol nyelvre

English Align paragraphs

Corpse Attack!!

Girl, innocent eyes, deeply hidden is the memory of rape
Girl, blessed with beauty, a witch that hates it, judgement, fuck you
You can say there's no spare room for lies, gossip and stuff made up
Destroyed hope, destroyed soul, your ruin will continue day by day
Go, fight! The corpse will dash through wilderness bringing death
Torment with instincts! Even if you get wounded, you're already dead
Girl, the scars from days of provocation are ugly
Girl, the painful temptations (Hey, kill)(Kill) Let's do it! Fuck you
Reward them, warn them, lure them. I will not have mercy on them
Tear them apart, now is the time for the hammer of revenge
Go, fight! Kill those guys like beasts
Go run into the wilderness, the corpse goes after its enemies' throats
Burning hell, no stay of execution
I can't hear anything because I have no ears
I can't see anything because I have no eyes
I can't feel anything because I have no nerves
I do nothing but slice them up
Ah, I can only dream of my old life
Go, fight! The corpse will return to earth when it knows the truth
We'll make an even wider bridge to the sky, let's go

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