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Vanesa Martín - Con permiso, buenas tardes dalszöveg fordítás angol nyelvre

English Align paragraphs

Excuse me, good afternoon

Excuse me, good afternoon,
I come to be arrested,
I'm going to sit down so tired
because, you'll see, I'm going to tell you
the story of a scoundrel.
I loved him madly
I gave him all my life
but he was only looking for a maid,
a slave, a woman to give birth.
He always said that he had a mistress,
a duchess for him,
that he liked to arrive at dawn
to have us at his mercy, his mercy.
And I have killed him,
my Juan has been killed by me,
for having mistreated me,
for feeling like a bitch,
for making me old
in my early forties,
And I have killed him,
my Juan has been killed,
and in my bedroom I have left him
with my tears on his lips.
I do not ask for justice
that with me there has not been.
Who pays me this pain
and the sorrows of my children?
So now you know,
do what needs to be done

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