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Rammstein - Hallomann dalszöveg fordítás

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Haló kislány, hogy vagy?
Jól vagyok, ne beszélj hozzám
Egyszerűen csak szállj fel, magammal viszlek
Veszek neked kagylókat sült krumplival
Hamarosan meleg lesz s te szép vagy
Még nem láttad a tengert
Te egyedül vagy, én igazán egyedül vagyok
Ne beszélj hozzám, csak szállj fel
Énekelj nekem, gyere, énekelj
Lyuk a gyűrűn
Táncolj nekem s majd
Eljön hozzád a Hallomann*
A nap süt minket a hasunkon
Csak ne mondj semmit s csináld te is
Add nekem a szavad, fogd meg a kezem
Építünk valami szépet bőrből s homokból
Ezután semmi se lesz úgy, mint régen
Ne beszélj hozzám, csak szállj fel
Énekelj nekem, gyere, énekelj
Lyuk a gyűrűn
Táncolj nekem, gyere, táncolj
Szőke haj s rózsakoszorú
Haló kislány
Hogy vagy?
Énekelj nekem, gyere, énekelj
Ne kérdezd, miért
Énekelj nekem s majd
A fellegeken az éneked
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I see you holding back the tears

I see you holding back the tears, your habit is patience
Is the air inhibition for you or is it a must?
Yes, I miss with a burning desire
but someone like me, doesn't spread (the words)
When the night illuminates me, I extend the hand of the wind
And I'll be humiliated by the tears for her greatness
It ignites the fire between my wings
When she inflames the warmth of my desire and thoughts
Explained by, and connected by death without her
When I die thirsty, the tears will go down
I vowed and in some vows there was humiliation
for a woman who in the neighbourhood has a smell of treachery
She asked me, 'Who are you?', and she knows
Is she grudging for a deniable situation, like me?
I said, like you wish and cleared the air for her
I'm your killer! She said: Which one? There are many
I left contemplating my lot with no comfort insight
If the human being insisted on abandoning me
And she said: you will be captured by eternity after us
I said: Heaven forbid! you are not eternity

it takes time

Versions: #2
give me news about us
you see nothing, can't stay upright
give me the rules of the game
what are we playing, the two of us?
i spend my days looking for you
you're still looking to avoid me
i speak, but i speak to no one
tell me where we are
we settle for less
it's not the best we've done
it takes time
but are our hearts big enough
what are we waiting for
to change everything
i want news about us
we cling to the best deep down
we hold on to the good that's left
photos and old songs
but it's not like before
you, you know what's left of us
who could call that love
strangers, it's what we become
say, do you insist
our lures, our differences
i wasn't asking you for that much
it takes time
a little hope
to change the story
what are we waiting for
even if it takes time
i want news about us
what do we become
can we do nothing
can we taste it
what's keeping us
what's good
i want news about us

Soul Mate

You fall in love, you get all excited
He gets up and leaves and disappears, you're disappointed.
He merely touched you, hurt you for a moment
Once again it is a war of attrition against the shame.
Soul mate, since when is your heart a wanderer
Sand upon the shore, you're a lonely island
Go on to your freedom, inside of you also resides a different voice that says
Every human must never quit.
And in the darkness suddenly a beam of light will lit within you, a clue to happiness.
Where's the sun, a star from last night
Where's the child inside of you, where's the courage
If you'll smile a little, maybe you'll forget a little
When you fall apart on your own, I'm right beside you
Soul mate…
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Wheels of steel

I had caught some brainworm
It sounded like they were playing jazz
I wrote a note and left it for my mother
and took the money from her mattress
The one who constantly travels in fog
needs no compass
Road 66 along the coast
A boring and monotonous road
There, I saw no people suffering
in the cars that drove by
But the one who is sleeping underneath the stars tonight
has my sympathy
Wheels of steel
Take me out
New goals
Wheels of steel
Don't forget
to take me home again
We travelled around and collected bottles
and stole petrol where we could get it
Bet a dime on the roulette
It felt as if it started to come together
You said 'The clothes that we are wearing, they are made here
in the prime minister's city of birth'
God of steel
Take me up
from my hole
God of steel
Don't forget
to take me home again
Went further up along the country
and we came to Tornio
There, we saw some Finns on a field
We stepped out and said hello
They sang 'When the sun sets behind Sjöblom's outhouse,
then it is spring'
Wheels of steel
Take me out
New goals
Wheels of steel
Don't forget
Wheels of steel
Take me out
New goals
Wheels of steel
Don't forget
to take me home again