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File a petition (please and thank you)

Say please, say thank you, file a petition
Volunteer as a rubber stamp
Don't stint on the applause
Just kill the bastard at night
Butter him up
Accept all his lies
Laugh at his jokes
Bring grovelling to perfection
Shake hands, make profits
Present a fake smile
Humiliate yourself, don't be coy
Blow up the scum along with his house
Copy his opinion
Promote it everywhere
Ignore the insults
Proclaim he's your best friend
Oh, wait, just you wait
I will replace you
Soon, very soon
You'll be done for
Polish shoes, make them shine
Give him a foot massage after
Serve him breakfast in bed
But don't forget to lace it with poison first
Go walk his dogs at night
Don't back down from any job
Lose all self-respect
That's the way to guaranteed success
(For now I'm your slave,
But soon I'll be your master)
Then I'll give the orders, command you around
Retract them as I see fit
Dictate other people's lives
Tyrannise the whole world
Pester, bully, torment
Torture, threaten, sanction
Ruin other people's lives
Rinse and repeat

The Airship Harpooner

If a single cogwheel breaks
The mechanism does not work
That which closes the pressure relief valve
Because otherwise the pressure would break the boiler
If a single connecting rod jams
It runs hot and the pipeline burns
Explosive gas flows inside
And then, forget it — that's it!
For this work in extreme danger
Is the staff unpredictable
Maybe it's the usual thing for gamblers
Does the crew not care about anything here?
And I ask myself: 'Why am I here?
As an airship harpooner, of all things?'
Alone on my harpoonist tower
Against octopuses made of clouds and storms
An airship is sensitive and complex in design
That it takes off at all — extremely complicated
A flash exposes:
'Tentacles sighted'
Harpoon aligned
But it keeps itself hidden1
And so we hunt
The colossal cloud creature
I have it in my sight
And, just the same — it escapes
And I look behind my projectile
But it sinks harmlessly into the sea of clouds
The whole ship burns brightly
And it races towards the cloud front
My life passes me by once again
And I admit that, frankly, the blame is on me
If I hadn't turned the compass
Could it be that the mast was still standing?
An airship is sensitive and complex in design
That it takes off at all — extremely complicated
This airship is carefully, galvanically interlocked
It was never planned that we were all going to die now
  • 1. The cloud kraken.