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To be sung on the water

Amid the shimmer of the mirroring waves
the rocking boat glides, swan-like,
on gently shimmering waves of joy.
The soul, too, glides like a boat.
For from the sky the setting sun
dances upon the waves around the boat.
Above the tree-tops of the western grove
the red glow beckons kindly to us

That innocent son

That innocent son,
such a rare gift of heaven,
that son so dear to you,
God demands from you.
He wants me, the father, to remain weak
before his fatherly eyes,
he wants me to shed the blood
of whom I have given life.

Night and dreams, D.827

Holy night, you sink down
The dreams flow down, too
Like your moonlight through the rooms
Through the people's silent chests
They listen softly with desire
They call, when day awakens
Come back, holy night
Sweet dreams, come back!