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The Pacific

A Powerful wind blows
From the Japan, to Vancouver
It brings the salt and the sand from Japan
And also, the proverbial pesimism of Japanese people
I used to cry with staring at Med. Sea
Now at Pacific, with the wine in my hand
All alone in Vancouver
Canadian Flag upon my head
I'm crying, I'm crying for the world
For people who are hurt, who are sufferers
I'm now pesimist
I have no joy upon my face
How could I have
Would you even expect?
After those disasters?
Would you expect to see me happy?
Well, fuck off then
Thanking god... Shall I thank for my sorrows
Shall I thank for my everlasting tears
Or should I thank for my everlasting headache
Even if the god exist, it is not my god
Take me for one moment
Got something to say
I'm ungrateful, if I don't talk to you
I shall storm at someone, maybe someone innocent
Satan was right, human is worthless
Worshiping to Adam is stupidity, to stupid Adam
Or to moron Eve
Satan is much more greater than you
Decent people exist
But there is no decent god
Bad satans exist
But there is no bad animal

The Last Orgasm

The Last Orgasm
Cigarette after sex
Dessert after dope
Morning shower
Having mercy
Giving money to begger
The Last Orgasm
Refreshing the conscience in heart
The last orgasm
Lighting yourself
Lending money to a friend
I'm superior than them
The last orgasm
Donating to LOSEV
Raping children in the charity
The last orgasm
Planting tree
Raising a rose
Having an erection
The last orgasm
Commiting crime
Getting into jail
Putting into jail
The judge
The last orgasm


There is a saying, which is very cliché
‘Can you do it to someone you love?’
Yes he can or I thought to be loved
or he loved me more than I do, so, as not to make it obvious…
Did you love me so much to turn me into a schizophrenic
Is your love so huge?
Why did you do it to me?
When you know that, you are loved, that, that, that...
I was the best person you have met
‘Can you do it to best person he has met?’
I was meant for you
I was protecting you from everything
Couldn’t I protect you from this?
Couldn’t I protect you from yourself?
Couldn’t I keep you away from yourself?
I did! I swear, you were laughing all the time when you are with me
Were they fake smiles
It hurts me so much, hurts so much
If possible I would take your heart and
Put it under the fucking ground
Because I cannot even see you
But you can see me
I know that you know how much I burn
I am sure that you are the one to pour refreshing wine from the sky
The watchman chased me a few days ago
It was forbidden to enter cemetery when drunk
Fuck him off, I was always drunk
And I will always be
Love me so much there, OK?
Because I loved you all my life
I couldn’t even think a life without you
Look where we are now
You didn’t kill you within you but killed you within me which is the you in me!
May 4, 2008