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Crash Crash Crash

This is not a right place
Can't you see?
I'll find my way...
This is called 'The medicine'
Sometimes it gives me a pain
Crash Crash Crash
You got some I don't know
Exploding heart
Shaking off the sound of the explosion
Fly high...
Please clap your hands for me
You, dancing in ecstasy and I, so out of place

The Sweetest

Sharpen the hundredth pencil lead
Start to draw your useless youth
Baby...Can you step inside?
You've laughed plenty today
Passing the idle time away with friend A
Baby...Can you say good bye?
It's fine if you say I'm a freak
I'll shout my feelings to you with all my might until I throw up blood
Is there a big reversal point for this 30-point life?
Sing it so long
No going back
Take it easy
Just for you fun
The sweetest sweetest sweetest
Your voice reached me, now I'll wake up
The sweetest secret
Will the spherical sun bring new light to the city today, too?
Tokyo hates me
My routine work is nothing but gloom and doom
Baby...Can you step inside?
Trust me
Don't doubt me
This is not my fault
The youth is a guilt
Baby...Can you say hello?
Sketch the outline in order to fill it in
Sing it so long
No going back
Take it easy
Just for your fun
The sweetest sweetest sweetest
Your feelings reached me and I understood...I will change today
The sweetest weakness
Will the nightfall once again bring comfort to our day today?
This is my life